What Is In French?

What is Casca say?

what is that.

what is it?.

Who what where in French?

When you ask for information about who, what, when, etc., you’re asking an open question. In French, just place the question word* in front of est-ce que or inversion.

How do you say Qu est ce que c’est in French?

Qu is pronounced k in this context with the final e silent. In a phrase like qu’est-ce-que c’est, que is combined with est and pronounced k at the beginning of the phrase and kuh at the end.

What are the basic words in French?

Learn Some Common French WordsBonjour = Hello, Good morning.Au revoir = Goodbye.Oui = Yes.Non = No.Merci = Thank you.Merci beaucoup = Thank you very much.Fille = Girl.Garçon = Boy.More items…

How do you ask for someone’s job in French?

French Work Questions: Asking What Someone Else DoesQu’est-ce que tu fais dans la vie ? – “What do you do for a living?”Dans quel domaine travailles-tu ? … Quelle est ta profession ? … Quel est ton métier ? … Que fais-tu comme travail ? … Tu bosses dans quoi ? … C’est quoi ton boulot ? … Vous travaillez comme …

What is going on Spanish?

votes. Remember that we can’t always translate everything literally. Other than “¿Qué pasa?” and “¿Qué tal?” you might also ask, “Qué onda?” which is basically slang for “What’s up?” You can also ask, “¿Cómo te va?” or “¿Cómo le va?” which both mean, “How’s it going?”

What is the word that in French?

How do I say this and that in French? The French equivalent of this/that is generally: ce for a masculine word (that you’d use with le); cette for a feminine word (that you’d use with la).

Is called in French?

s’appelleThe French translation for “is called” is s’appelle.

What’s your name in French?

To ask someone their name, a stranger or someone older than you, ask, “Comment vous appelez-vous?”. When asking someone your own age, it’s “Comment tu t’appelles?” To answer, say “Je m’appelle” + Your Name.

What is the French word of when?

The Difference Between Quand, Lorsque and Other French Words for “When” Before we move on to the specifics, one of the best ways to learn the difference between commonly confused words is by hearing them in use by French speakers. You can do this (and so much more) on FluentU!

Is French hard to learn?

French is not hard to learn, especially when compared to English! That’s right. Learning French isn’t going to be as difficult as you think. In fact, it’s a language that is much easier to achieve fluency in than you would have ever expected.

What is in in French?

Alexa teaches you how to say “IN” in French.

What is going on in French?

In most spoken contexts, it’ll be “Qu’est-ce qui se passe ?” or maybe “Qu’est-ce qu’il y a ?” (usually pronounced “Qu’est-ce qu’y a ?”).


Yes, quoi means “what.” But so does que (in certain contexts), which means that you can’t just slip quoi into a sentence to replace its English equivalent, unfortunately. Since it’s so common, it’s essential to understand and know how to use quoi in order to speak even basic French.

What are the French question words?

French question wordsHow much? / how many? Play. Combien? How much? / How many? Combien de livres as-tu? … When? Play. Quand? When? Quand part le train? … Where? Play. Où? Where? Où sont les toilettes? … How? Play. Comment? How? … Why? Play. Pourquoi? Why? … Which? Play. Quel? / Quelle? ( … What? Play. Qu’est-ce que? What? … Who? Play. Qui? Who?More items…