Quick Answer: Why Can’T The Wives Have Babies In Handmaid’S Tale?

Why did Serena betray Fred?

Serena betrayed Fred for visits with Nichole Serena did not plan Fred’s arrest to help bring down Gilead.

Instead, she betrayed him for visitation rights with June’s daughter, Nichole.

Because she betrayed Fred for selfish reasons, Serena’s actions do not come across as heroic to viewers..

Why do Econowives hate handmaids?

“They are not handmaids because they committed no crimes and were in legitimate heterosexual marriages pre-Gilead.” In the book, there are seemingly hints in the epilogue to econowives being pressured into a handmaid’s role, but the show has yet to hint that this might be the case down the line.

Why can’t the commanders wives have babies?

We also know that both men and women are affected by infertility. … In The Handmaid’s Tale, infertility is linked to another one of Gilead’s prominent problems: pollution. As revealed in the season 1 episode “A Woman’s Place,” inorganic farming and radioactivity are to blame for declining fertility.

Are Marthas higher than handmaids?

The Marthas rank higher than handmaids and are assigned to Commanders as household servants rather than sex slaves.

What happens if a handmaid can’t get pregnant?

If, after the third time, they are not able to produce a living, healthy baby, they will be sent off to the Colonies to face certain death. Handmaids that become infertile or reach a certain age without having ever conceived are also sent to the Colonies, as are women who refuse to become Handmaids.

Does Serena Joy get pregnant?

“No! No, I didn’t realize but it’s very exciting,” Strahovski exclaimed, sounding as surprised as anyone about the turn her character — Serena Joy Waterford, the Commander’s inscrutable wife — took once Moss’ handmaid, June, became pregnant in the second season.

Why did Offred kill herself?

It is hinted that, besides finding her oppressive life unbearable, this Offred also feared what Serena would do to her in revenge for the affair, and so she committed suicide to spare herself from the very real possibility of a slow and humiliating public execution, being mercilessly tortured by the Eyes, or worked to …

Who is offred’s baby daddy?

The decision to name the baby Nicole is quite ironic and tongue-in-cheek on Serena Joy’s part. This is because Nick (Max Minghella) is the baby’s real father, not Fred (Joseph Fiennes).

What happens to Aunt Lydia?

After seven days, Aunt Lydia was taken; after a meeting with a Commander, she was imprisoned for not being pious enough, placed in a solitary confinement arrangement called the “Thank Tank.” She was beaten and left in the dark, with a bucket to store her waste.

What caused the infertility in Handmaid’s Tale?

As climate change and exposure to toxic chemicals have caused most of the U.S.’s population to become infertile, a woman’s fertility becomes her most important trait in an effort to “save” Gilead’s population from extinction. In Gilead, all women are prohibited from consuming any media, including reading.

Can a handmaids become a wife?

No, she cannot. A Handmaid is a woman who is fertile but has “sinned” by the standards of Gilead. She has had a child out of wedlock or abortion, she is a second wife or queer, she has practiced a religion other than Gilead’s corrupted version of Christianity or she spoke against the government.

Is Mr Waterford sterile?

Commander Waterford (Joseph Fiennes), who uses Offred for sex, is believed to be sterile after his and wife Serena’s first Handmaid didn’t fall pregnant, so it seems unlikely to be him.

Is Mr Waterford in love with June?

The Handmaid’s Tale star Joseph Fiennes has revealed why his character Commander Fred Waterford is so obsessed with the show’s heroine June. … But Fred remained obsessed with June and frequently invited her for late night scrabble sessions in his office as well as overnight trips to Jezebels.

How did Janine’s baby die?

The little boy died four years before “Witness” from injuries sustained in a car accident. That means that when Janine had her emotional first conversation with Angela in second-ever episode “Birth Day” — where she reminisced about Caleb as infant and described the baby’s big brother — Caleb was already dead.

Why can’t Serena get pregnant?

For all we know, Serena believes herself to be infertile from the injury as she starts remembering her time on the college campus when Offred is sleeping downstairs. Then her memories move into the greenhouse area, which is as close to fertility and birth that Serena can find in her barren marriage to Fred Waterford.

Does Aunt Lydia die?

“Aunt Lydia doesn’t die [laughs],” Miller told reporters during a conference call Monday. … “But Aunt Lydia doesn’t die,” he continued. “She’s transformed by this event, one of her girls — she has you know has twisted herself into thinking there is a love between her and her girls — has literally stabbed her in the back.

Did Emily kill Aunt Lydia?

Lydia proceeds to call her a “degenerate” and says that it’s like she had cut out Emily’s tongue. Clearly triggered, Emily snaps and stabs Lydia violently in the back, pushing her down a flight of stairs and repeatedly kicking her, à la John Wick.

Why did Offred spit out cookies?

In privacy, June spits out the ornamental cookie. By purging out the pink mashed-up vile, June has refused to swallow the Wives’ counterfeited piety. In the domain of Gilead, these cookies are a status symbol laid out before the Handmaid’s eyes.