Quick Answer: What Is The Gag Law In Spain?

Can you film the police in Germany?

Yes you can film, but you can’t publish the video without blurring out the faces of the police officers or other persons.

people in the frame and it’s on public ground, it’s considered a public event and thus legal to film..

Is there freedom of speech in Spain?

Spanish Constitution “The right to freely communicate or receive truthful information by any means of dissemination whatsoever. The law shall regulate the right to the clause of conscience and professional secrecy in the exercise of these freedoms”.

What does Section 14 of the Constitution say of Spain?

There shall be no State religion. The public authorities shall take the religious beliefs of Spanish society into account and shall consequently maintain appropriate cooperation with the Catholic Church and the other confessions.

Is filming police illegal in Spain?

Not in Spain. Basically, it prohibits the ‘unauthorized’ use of images or personal details of police officers when it can endanger those officers, protected facilities, or the success of an operation. …

What is the Spanish law?

The supreme Spanish law is the Spanish Constitution of 1978, which regulates the functioning of public bodies and the fundamental rights of the Spanish people, as well as the organization and competencies of the different autonomous communities.

How are laws made in Spain?

Legal bills proposed by the government are passed by the Council of Ministers, which then submits them to the Congress of Deputies, accompanied by a statement setting out the necessary grounds and facts for them to reach a decision. The Congress of Deputies and the Senate.

Can you film police in France?

As it stands, France’s legislation does not allow the police to object to being photographed or filmed on the street, to request the destruction of photos or video, to prevent photos or video from being broadcast or published, or to arrest anyone simply for photographing or filming them.

There is no law stopping anyone filming in a public place, so if you are on the streets you can film without asking permission – the Metropolitan Police’s own guidelines (adopted by all police forces in Britain) make clear that “police have no power to stop them filming or photographing incidents or police personnel”.

How many police officers are in France?

There are 18,000 municipal police officers in 3,500 communities. The Municipal Police are one of the three components of French policing, alongside the National Police and the National Gendarmerie, with about 145,000 police and 98,000 soldiers respectively.

What rights do citizens have in Spain?

1. Citizens have the right to participate in public affairs, directly or through representatives freely elected in periodic elections by universal suffrage. 2. They also have the right to accede under conditions of equality to public functions and positions, in accordance with the requirements laid down by the law.

Does Spain have a Bill of Rights?

The Spanish Constitution is one of the few Bill of Rights that has legal provisions for social rights, including the definition of Spain itself as a “Social and Democratic State, subject to the rule of law” (Spanish: Estado social y democrático de derecho) in its preliminary title.

Are Spanish police strict?

They were once known as Franco’s Police, as they had a reputation for being very strict. … Depending where you are in Spain, this group is called either Policia Municipal or Policia Local, or Municiple / Local Police. They are responsible for local crime and are usually first on the scene when a crime is reported.

What are German police called?

The Federal Police (Bundespolizei or BPOL) is a (primarily) uniformed federal police force in Germany. It is subordinate to the Federal Ministry of the Interior (Bundesministerium des Innern (BMI)).

Does Spain have a jury system?

The jury court is the lawful court, according to Article 24(2) of the Spanish Constitution, for certain offenses that are legally prescribed in Article 1(2) of the L.O.T.J.

What is the difference between common law and civil law?

The main difference between the two systems is that in common law countries, case law — in the form of published judicial opinions — is of primary importance, whereas in civil law systems, codified statutes predominate.

The United States has a federal system of government, a written constitution, and a common law legal system, though “legal system” is used here as a term of convenience that encompasses a multiplicity of systems that are linked in often complex ways.

Can you wear shorts in Spain?

anonymous: The custom in Spain is that you use shorts only at the beach and not in the city. If you wear shorts in the city everyone will know you are a tourist, which is not a good thing because you may call attention from pickpockets. However there are no rules.

16Spain is to raise the age of consent from 13 to 16 and the minimum age for marriage from 14 to 16. The change was agreed unanimously in principle by parliament in 2009 under the previous government and is expected to come into force this month.

Can a foreigner become a police officer in Germany?

Can a foreigner become a police officer in Germany? … Police in Germany is organized at regional level (beyond Bundespolizei, that belongs to federal level). Each organization defines conditions to accomplish to be a policeman. In some cases, every German or EU citizen can be a policeman.

How long is German police training?

2 yearsPeriod of training is 2 years at the Deutsche Hochschule der Polizei or German Police University. That is the only official centralised educational institution of the German police.