Quick Answer: What Does It Mean When It Says Update Unavailable With This Apple ID?

How do I activate my Apple account?

Create an Apple ID when you set up your deviceTap Forgot password or don’t have an Apple ID.Tap Create a Free Apple ID.Select your birthday and enter your name.

Tap Next.Tap Use your current email address, or tap Get a free iCloud email address..

Why does my old Apple ID keep showing up?

Helpful answers Try going to settings>iTunes and App Store and make sure that you are signed in to the correct Apple ID. Also more than likely there was an app or something purchased under that Apple ID and needs an update so just make sure you’re signed into the correct account.

Why will my iPhone not update apps?

If your iPhone won’t update apps normally, there are a few things you can try to fix the issue, including restarting the update or your phone. You should make sure that your iPhone is connected to Wi-Fi. You can also uninstall and reinstall the app.

How do I remove old Apple ID from iPhone when updating apps?

Removing the borrower’s Apple ID from the App Store and returning to your own instead is easy:Open the App Store app.Tap the circular avatar at the top right – this is likely to be the Apple ID owner’s face.Tap Sign Out at the bottom.Now enter your Apple ID and Password and tap Done.

How can I complete Apple ID without payment method?

Create an Apple ID without a payment method or credit card on your iPhone, iPad, or iPodOpen the App Store app.Search for a free app and tap Get.When asked to sign in with an Apple ID, tap Create New Apple ID Choose the option create new Apple ID. … Choose None when asked for payment method.More items…•

How do you fix this update is not available for this Apple ID either because it was bought by a different user or the item was refunded or Cancelled?

You can’t update apps that were purchased (even free) in the Mac App Store with a different Apple ID (without using that ID). Delete these apps and then download them again with the correct ID. From then on, these should automatically update (if that is your setting).

How do you fix this Apple ID has not yet been used with the app store?

When using the App Store app, log in before trying to get any app. Try logging into iTunes with the same account. Try appleid.apple.com and review the information there (billing address + payment method). If you have a card on file, also supply the expiration date and CVV/CVC/security code.

How do I get rid of an old Apple ID?

Delete your Apple ID from your computerOpen iTunes on the Mac.Choose Store > View Account.Enter your password.Click Manage Devices under iTunes in the Cloud.Click Remove next to each device associated with your account.Click Done.Choose Store > Deauthorize This Computer.

Why does my Apple ID not work?

Make sure that your iPhone, iPad, or PC has a strong Internet connection and that you’ve turned on cellular data on your iPhone or iPad by going to Settings > Cellular or Mobile Data. If this setting is off, you might not be able to access your Apple ID and iCloud when not connected to a Wi-Fi network.

How do I update apps purchased with old Apple ID?

Answer: A: If those apps were originally purchased with that other AppleID, then you cannot update them with your AppleID. You will need to delete them and purchase them with your own AppleID. Purchases are forever tied to the AppleID used at the time of original purchase and download.

How do I fix update unavailable with Apple ID?

The Usual CasesFind the app that you can’t update in the Applications folder. Delete it.Empty your Trash.Open the Mac App Store.Make sure you’re signed in to your primary Apple ID, or the Apple ID you’ll be using on this particular Mac. … Find and re-download the app that caused the update error.

Can not update apps because of old Apple ID?

If it’s asking for a different Apple ID to update an app or apps, then they have been purchased on the other Apple account. You can’t change the Apple ID that an app has been purchased with. Instead, delete the app from the device and purchase it again with the Apple ID that you want the app registered to.

Why do I need my old Apple ID to update apps?

The Apple ID stored inside an application is independent of the one signed into the iTunes Store or elsewhere on the device. All apps are permanently tied to the Apple ID used to download/purchase them. if you want the app to stop asking for a different Apple ID-delete the app and download/buy it under your Apple ID.

How do I find out what apps are using my Apple ID?

View the apps using your Apple IDOpen the Settings app, then tap [your name].Tap Password & Security.Tap Apps Using Your Apple ID.