Quick Answer: How Long Is A 17 Seater Minibus?

What length is a LWB Transit?

Van dimensionsBody styleHeightLengthLWB FWD medium roof2,381mm5,680mmLWB FWD high roof2,590mm5,680mmLWB RWD medium roof2,394mm5,680mmLWB RWD high roof2,606mm5,680mm23 more rows.

What is the length of a minibus?

Minibuses | Shuttle Buses have average lengths of 23′ (7.01 m), widths of 7’4” (2.24 m), heights of 8’9” (2.67 m), and have a capacity of 14 (+2) seats.

How heavy is a 17 seater minibus?

a standard 17 seat Ford Transit minibus. It would be illegal for a driver with only B entitlement to drive this minibus (4100kg) as the maximum MAM they can drive is 3500kg for a standard minibus. They would need to take and pass a D1 driving test in a minibus to drive this heavy 17 seat Transit.

How long is a 15 seater minibus?

Outside Vehicle MeasurementsVEHICLEWIDTHLENGTHFORD IVECO CARGO BOX8’7 ft27′ 2 ft2.47m8.26mFORD 15 SEATER MINIBUS6’9 ft19′ ft1.90m5.80m16 more rows

How heavy is a 16 seater minibus?

3500kgsWith the arrival of the new regulations in October 2011 the construction weight of basic Minibuses has increased, as has the required payload allowance per passenger. Only a very few models are available with 16 seats as a new Minibus with a gross weight of 3500kgs, and registered in accordance with the law.

What is the height of a Ford Transit 17 seater minibus?

Ford Transit 17 Seater MinibusInformationFeetInchesOverall Width7’84″Overall Height8’96Overall Height with Roof Rack8’7103Overall Length21′ 82603 more rows