Question: Why Are Thursdays The Worst Traffic Days?

What days have the worst traffic?

And the worst.

That dishonor goes to Thursday with 11 of those 18 freeway sections lagging most.

Tuesday and Wednesday tied for second place with three each.

And Crosstown’s data showed Friday is the worst morning to take the 405 north between the 10 and 118 freeways..

What is the most dangerous day to drive?

According to AAA, more than 41.5 million Americans took to the roads over Memorial Day weekend 2018. More than 500 people were killed in car accidents on this day between 2012 and 2016, according to the Insurance Institute for Highway Safety (IIHS), making it the deadliest day of the year for American motorists.

Why is there less traffic on Mondays?

Mondays are frequently taken off because of the following reasons: … Some change their sleeping habits on the weekends which makes Monday a tough day to get out of bed. Weekends are when people tend to be most physically active, so injuries can keep some at home.

What is the most dangerous holiday in America?

The federal agency has put together a list of the top 6 most dangerous holidays for travel.Memorial Day. Contrary to popular belief, New Year’s is seemingly not the number one holiday with the most motor-vehicle fatalities. … New Year’s. … Thanksgiving. … Fourth of July. … Labor Day. … Christmas.

Why is traffic not bad on Fridays?

Friday: Some people and companies have the day off, so the rush hour in the morning is very light. … This reduces traffic during the typical evening rush hour. Even if you’re not going out of town, many people will leave work early on Friday afternoon, and this alone shifts the traffic pattern to reduce rush hour.

What is the best time to drive through LA?

Apart from the 12am-4am, if you are driving on a weekend, the best time to take I-5 through LA (or any of the north-south freeways) is before 11 am. On weekends the traffic gets progressively worse through the day. During the weekdays, the best time is actually the middle of the day (11am-4pm).

Why is traffic lighter on Fridays?

“More people work early on Friday to ensure they do not have to work late, hence morning traffic is more evenly distributed.” Whatever the reason, we invite you to lean in to the now-confirmed fact of lighter Friday morning traffic, and enjoy yet another occasion to celebrate the day.

What day of the year has the most car crashes?

Thursday is when, on average, car wrecks are likely to kill more Americans than any other day of the year, according to the Insurance Institute for Highway Safety, which based its calculations on fatalities from 2012 until 2016. A total of 505 people were killed on that day during the period.

What is the best time to avoid traffic in LA?

Avoid driving in gridlock hours (duh) It may seem obvious, but this is Rule #1 of enjoying LA. Whatever you do, stay off the street from approximately 3:30 to 7:30pm (and 7:30 to 9:30am) every weekday.

What time of day do most traffic accidents occur?

Vulnerable Times According to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA), most accidents tend to occur between 3 pm and 6 pm. This is often because of the high volume of vehicles on the road. Following this trend, Saturday is also considered the most dangerous day of the week to drive.

Which age group has the highest collision rate?

Drivers ages 16-17 continue to have the highest rates of crash involvement, injuries to themselves and others and deaths of others in crashes in which they are involved. Drivers age 80 and older have the highest rates of driver deaths. Drivers ages 60-69 were the safest drivers by most measures examined.

Is LA traffic getting worse?

According to the Los Angeles Times, for the sixth year in a row, the Los Angeles region has had the world’s worst traffic congestion. More specifically, the average LA driver wastes 102 hours per year battling traffic congestion.

Why is there so much traffic in LA?

Curious Coast Why is there so much traffic in LA? … The main driving force, according to UCLA urban planning professor Bryan Taylor, is that LA’s population density is increasing, which means more people and more people are sharing the same amount of space in the city.

Is traffic worse on Fridays?

Traffic is worse on a Friday because in the morning people head out earlier in the work day so that they can leave their work places earlier to get a head start on the weekend. … Also, many people start the weekends early to travel to nearby vacation spots on a Friday.

What day of the week has the worst traffic?

SaturdaySaturday is most dangerous day of the week to drive; afternoon rush hour worse than morning. Despite several years of steady declines, deadly vehicle crashes are on the rise, according to the most recent data from the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration. The safest day to be on the road: Tuesday.

What is the safest day to drive?

The Safest Times & Days When looking at the days of the week, it is clear that the weekdays were the safer times to drive, with Tuesday being the lowest number of fatalities. Obviously, the weekend was more likely to have accidents, with Saturday peaking at 5,486 accidents in 2014.

What Holiday has the highest death rate?

Christmas DayChristmas Day Holiday Period Estimate for 2019 Holidays traditionally are a time of travel for families across the United States. Many choose car travel, which has the highest fatality rate of any major form of transportation based on fatalities per passenger mile.