Question: Who Is The Angel In Disguise In The Story And Why?

Who is the angel in disguise Joe Thompson or Maggie?

The Thompsons took Maggie as their own.


Thompson, the once vinegar tempered woman, was now a loving mother.

Thus, Maggie was an angel in disguise for the Thompsons..

What does in disguise mean?

wearing a disguise1 : wearing a disguise I’ve heard that she sometimes travels around the country in disguise. 2 : made to look like something else : presented as another thing He says that the new fee is really just a tax increase in disguise.

What is the theme of an angel in disguise?

An Angel in Disguise is a short story written by Timothy Shay Arthur in 1851. The theme of the story is “love can win over anything in the world”.

What is disguise in literature?

A disguise can be anything which conceals or changes a person’s physical appearance, including a wig, glasses, makeup, fake moustache, costume or other items. … In comic books and films, disguises are often used by superheroes, and in science fiction they may be used by aliens.

Why did the mothers bring cast off garments for Maggie?

Answer. The fall from a window injured Maggie’s spine and this made her bedridden or homebound. The mothers brought cast off garments for Maggie our of sheer concern since she had lost her mother and had no one to look after her needs. Thus the garments were brought in order to wrap her in clean bed clothes.

Why did Joe leave his wife alone with the child?

Thompson’s (Joe’s wife) attitude towards Maggie had softened and she was taking care of Maggie. … When he noticed this, Joe understood that his wife’s attitude towards Maggie had softened and her resentment towards Maggie had vanished. Joe was very relieved and felt like a ‘weight had lifted from his heart’.

How is Maggie an angel in disguise?

Maggie proved to be an angel in disguise for the Thompsons as they were a childless couple and Mrs Thompson had become ill tempered woman but Maggie filled her life with happiness and brought a change in her nature with her sweetness and innocence. Therefore, it can be concluded that Maggi was the Angel in disguise.

What is the message of the story an angel in disguise?

In this story ‘An Angel in Disguise’, the author strikes a didactic note by laying emphasis on the importance of loving and caring for others. He argues that love is essential for human survival and happiness. Through this story, he points out the true meaning of compassion, kindness and love.

What does it reveal about Joe Thompson character?

Mr. Thompson’s personality is vividly revealed: ‘Though rough in exterior, Joe Thompson, the wheelwright, had a heart, and it was very tender in some places. He liked children, and was pleased to have them come to his shop…’ judging by this phrase we get to know that Mr.

What food did Mrs Thompson give Maggie to eat How did Maggie eat the food?

Thompson toasted a bread slice and then added milk and butter to soften it. She also gave Maggie a cup of tea. Maggie ate the food quickly and with great joy. She had not eaten good food for many years and was starving.

What change do the readers find in Mrs Thompson Behaviour towards Maggi?

After Maggie came into their house Mrs. Thompson’s behaviour started changing. She started having affection, love and pity for the poor child. She further asked her husband to let Maggie stay with them.

How does Joe Thompson talk to Maggie to win over her love and affection?

ANSWER: Joe Thompson consoled his wife, asking her to put herself in Maggie’s shoes, feeling her emotions, what she must be going through. He requested her to be gentle and loving towards the child. On returning from work the next day, he saw through the window, his wife talking to Maggie.

What did Joe Thompson do for a living?

Answer: Joe Thompson is the major character in the story. He used to make and repairs sledges and wagons for the villages. Like his occupation he has been described as a rough man but has a kind heart and is compassionate it is who he decides to take Maggie home. He was her that she will not be left alone.

What is an angel in disguise?

Literally: “prolly sum1 who pretends to be sweet and innocent but wen there not around certain ppl there really crazy and loud or devilish.” and the other one: “An Angel in Disguise is term referred to a person with a kind heart. A person who is always ready to help out others.

What did Mrs Thompson ask her husband?

Answer. Mrs thompson asked her husband that what was he carrying in his hand… Mr thompson acted to it by saying wait a moment and please be gentle ..

What did Joe Ask Maggie after he took her little hands in his How did Maggie reply to Joe?

Joe asks maggie that if she could feel pain. Maggie replied to him that she has pain when you lift me up in your arms..

Why did Joe Consider light shining through the window as a good omen?

While returning in the evening, a light shining through the little chamber windows was the first object that attracted his attention. He considered the light to be a good sign because it indicated that his wife Jane Thompson might be there taking care of the poor little girl Maggie.

Who is the angel in disguise elaborate?

The word ‘angel’ in the title of the story refers to the small girl child Maggie who brings love and joy for the Thompson family, thereby acting as an angel in disguise for them.

Why was Maggie a precious burden?

Answer. In the above quoted line Maggie, the sick young girl, is called a precious burden literally as well as metaphorically. For Joe Thompson, it felt like a heavy burden to carry a child. She was precious just because she was a human being, and not a lifeless mass.

What does it mean when someone gives you an angel?

Angels symbolize intelligence in more than one way. When someone gives you a gift of an angel, you should view yourself as an intelligent person. Because angels reside in heaven with God and he uses them to deliver messages and help humans, they know more about the universe and humans than we humans know.