Question: Which Sub Is Best For IPS?

Which course is better for IPS?

There is a need of a graduation degree to appear in civil services examination.

There is nothing like the any best degree for IPS.

But if you have done your graduation with keen interest and choose the same as you optional paper, then it might help.

Nothing more nothing less..

What should I do after 10th in IPS?

For becoming IPS you need to clear upsc CSE Exam which is being conducted by upsc every year which has three different stage of exam Prelims, mains and interview, but wait before you can think of it you need to get the eligibility to write the exam so,After 10th, get enrolled in 11th and then pass 12th class and take …

Is glasses allowed in IPS?

Yes, you meet the requirements as far as your spectacles are concerned. But it is always best to go to an ophthalmologist with both pieces of papers (a medical requirement for IPS and ur eye test results) and consult him. You will find so many IPS officers for this type of vision glasses.

How many posts are there in IPS?

The authorised cadre strength of Indian Police Service is 4920. (3270 Direct Recruitment Posts and 1650 Promotional Posts). The Civil List of IPS officers is an updated (annual) list maintained by the Ministry of Home Affairs, Government of India that lists the posting details of all IPS officers in India.

Which state is best for IPS?

Leave a CommentKarnataka.Kerala.Andhra Pradesh.Telangana.Uttar Pradesh.Bihar.Rajasthan.Madhya Pradesh.More items…

Is there any medical test for IPS?

(As a part of the Physical test for IPS, in the first Medial Examination i.e., just after the interview, those who didn’t meet the Medical standards for IPS chest expansion criteria can appeal or show their chest expansion during second Medical Examination i.e., after the result.

Is IPS exam easy?

IAS or IPS is not a exam. It’s an all India service of government of India. The IAS and IPS officers are being chosen by an exam known as civil services examination conducted by UPSC every year. … therefore getting IAS is a bit more difficult in comparison to IPS.

Which stream is best for future?

Let us individually look into the streams students can choose:Science: This is the most chosen stream for 10+2 education and offers many lucrative career options including medicine and engineering. … Arts: … Commerce:

Which board is best for IPS?

It is highly recommended to opt for either CBSE board or ICSE board, Preferably CBSE board,because it’s syllabus consists of NCERT text books, which is highly beneficial for IAS/IPS exams conducted by the Union Public Service Commission.

Is knock knee allowed in IPS?

No it does not as long as you’re able to run normally. Originally Answered: Is a slight knock knees a problem in the IPS?

Who is youngest IPS officer in India?

Hasan SafinRAJKOT: Jamnagar police will be joined by 22-year-old Hasan Safin, a Gujarati and the youngest IPS officer in the country, who will take charge on December 23 as the assistant superintendent of police.

Who is best IPS officer in Tamilnadu?

These IPS officers has maintained India’s law and order situation under control….So we are trying to pick up the ten names with due respect to others.Ajit Kumar Doval. … K. … Sanjukta Parashar. … Kiran Bedi. … Shivdeep Lande. … Roopa Moudgil. … M Mahendra Reddy. … A.S Dulat.More items…•

How much percentage is required for IPS?

There is absolutely no percentage criteria required in Graduation to apply for IPS entrance exam. IPS – Indian Police Service, to become an IPS officer one has to apply, appear and crack Civil Service exam conducted by UPSC once every year.

Can a DSP become IPS?

Depending on the educational qualifications and the recruitment process, a State Police Officer starts the career as a Sub Inspector (SI) or a Deputy Superintendent of Police (DSP). … Whereas, an officer joined as a DSP will be eligible for IPS.