Question: What’S A Word For Willing To Learn?

What is it called when you are willing to do anything?

ready, prepared, disposed, inclined, nothing loath, of a mind, so minded, minded, in the mood.

happy, glad, pleased.

eager, keen, enthusiastic.

consenting, agreeable, amenable, accommodating, obliging, compliant, acquiescent..

What do you call a person who is willing to try new things?

enterprising. adjective. willing to try or think of new ideas or methods.

How do you describe someone who is willing to learn?

There is a number of good terms that can be used as synonyms for “willing to learn”: curious. eager to learn. … having a desire to learn.

What is another word for being open minded?

What is another word for open-minded?unprejudicedliberalfair-mindedunprescriptiveacceptantacceptiveapproachableeasygoinginterestedobservant230 more rows

What does it mean to be willing to do something?

The adjective “willing” means to be ready, eager or prepared to do something.

What do you call someone who is constantly learning?

The term polymath means. A person of wide-ranging knowledge or learning.

What is a willing person?

adjective. The definition of willing is agreeable do something. An example of a willing person is someone who makes their car available if someone needs a ride.

What is a word for willing to learn?

Having a willingness and capacity to learn is teachability: Capable of being taught: teachable skills.

What is another word for willing?

What is another word for willing?inclineddisposedpleasedagreeablecompliantconsentinggamegladeagerenthusiastic64 more rows

What does mean willing?

1 : inclined or favorably disposed in mind : ready willing and eager to help. 2 : prompt to act or respond lending a willing hand. 3 : done, borne, or accepted by choice or without reluctance a willing sacrifice.

What is another word for Able?

What is another word for able?capableclevermasterlyqualifiedskilledaccomplishedgiftedtalentedcompetenteffective229 more rows