Question: What Is It Called When You Are Indecisive?

What is the difference between indecisive and Undecisive?

Not decisive; not marked by promptness or decision.

“They were all being very indecisive about what to wear to the party.” “The outcome of the race was so indecisive.”.

What’s the opposite of indecisive?

Antonyms: peremptory, definite, determining(a), determinant, deciding(a), resolute, determinative, decisive, unhesitating, fateful, fatal. indecisive(adj)

What is the root cause of indecisiveness?

The most common reason of all for being indecisive – fear of failure. Making a decision means you might be wrong. And nobody likes to be wrong. Being decisive can be intimidating.

Is indecisiveness a sign of mental illness?

Aboulomania (from Greek a–, meaning ‘without’, and boulē, meaning ‘will’) is a mental disorder in which the patient displays pathological indecisiveness. It is typically associated with anxiety, stress, depression, and mental anguish, and can severely affect one’s ability to function socially.

What is indecisiveness a sign of?

Indecisiveness is defined as a maladaptive trait resulting in difficulty making decisions across time and situations. Indecisiveness is positively correlated with measures of anxiety, worry, and depression and has been listed as a symptom of Major Depressive Disorder for decades.

What is another word for indecisive?

In this page you can discover 47 synonyms, antonyms, idiomatic expressions, and related words for indecisive, like: ambivalent, wishy-washy, doubtful, equivocal, hesitating, shaky, problematical, irresolute, questionable, changeable and dubious.