Question: What Is IEC Code In FedEx?

Can we import without IEC code?

IEC code means Import Export Code.

As per the Foreign Trade Policy (FTP) in India, every importer and exporter is required to get IEC code to start Import export from India.

Without IEC code, no importer and exporter are authorised to do import export business..

What is AWB in KYC FedEx?

An AWB or Air Waybill is more commonly known as your FedEx shipping label. This is usually generated on and contains all of the package information as well as its barcoding and the 12 digit number used to track your shipment on its journey.

What is the fees for IEC code?

IEC Code Number Application Fee Rs 250.00 (Expert TIP : Pay via EFT (Electronic Fund Transfer ), and submit IEC Online Application form, If you wish to receive IEC Number instantly) The physical application containing required documents should reach DGFT RLA concerned within 15 days of its online submission.

How can I get IEC code 2020?

IEC Code ProcedureStep 1: Go to the DGFT Website. … Step 2: Go to the Services tab. … Step 3: Enter your PAN number. … Step 4: Enter the relevant details. … One Time Password (OTP) Verification Process. … Update Entity Details. … Add Branch Details. … Step 8: Fill-up the Director/Partner details.More items…

Is IEC code same as PAN number?

Henceforth (with the implementation of GST), PAN of an entity will be used for the purpose of IEC, that is IEC will be issued by DGFT with the difference that it will be alpha numeric (instead of 10 digit numeric at present) and will be same as PAN of an entity.

How do I change my IEC code?

Firstly you need the visit the DGFT portal.Enter the business PAN on the DGFT portal. … Then you need to enter the date of birth along with the OTP, File Number, and Name of the firm.Thereafter you’ve to click on the IEC modification. … You will now see a prefilled application.

How can I get IEC code?

Mandatory Requirements to apply for IEC Code NumberPAN Number.Current Bank Account.Bankers Certificate.IEC Code Number. Application Fee. … The physical application containing required documents should reach DGFT RLA concerned within 15 days of its online submission.E-mail is not mandatory.

How do I modify IEC?

Ans: (a) To Modify IEC Master details, select the IEC Master options, wherein the master details will appear in the IEC Master screen as shown below. The user can modify his required details.

Do customs open all packages?

No, they don’t immediately open your package without any reason. Your package wi definitely go through a scanner machine (x-ray) and screen your items. They will only instantly check what’s inside of your package if: Your package has been damaged when it reached the Customs office or desk.

What does it mean when FedEx says clearance delay?

Clearance delay is when a package is held up at customs or the border. This is not good for companies who need to send items for same-day delivery.

How long does FedEx take to clear customs?

For example, if you have a “2 day” international shipment FedEx will tell you that your package will arrive in 2 days even though it may spend 1-3 days in customs.

Does FedEx clear customs?

FedEx provides standard customs clearance at no extra charge for import shipments. We also offer a comprehensive range of solutions when you shipment has special clearance needs, when additional processing is required by a regulatory agency or when you or you importer request special processing from our customs broker.