Question: What Does Underlining Mean In Proofreading?

What does underlining mean in editing?

Three lines under a lowercase letter mean to make it a capital.

One line under a word means to set in italics.

A series of strikethroughs means to remove underlining.

A wavy line means to set in boldface.

This mark means to close up space..

What does this symbol mean in proofreading?

In hard copy proofreading, corrections typically appear in the left or right margins beside the line containing the error. A mark is also placed in the text to indicate where the correction needs to be made. A caret (^) indicates an addition, and a line through the text indicates a deletion or a replacement.

What are the basic proofreading symbols?

Proofreading symbolsInsert something. The ‘something’ will be written in the margin next to the mark.Put in a space.Mind the gap – and close it up.Make it lower case.Make it upper case.Change to italics.Change to not-italics (or Roman as it’s called in the trade).Change to bold.More items…

What does the C with two lines mean?

Two horizontal and parallel bars through a capital letter “C” (so it represents a capital letter “E”). Derived from the Greek symbol for Epsilon ε.

Does a dollar sign have 1 or 2 lines?

The symbol can interchangeably have one or two vertical strokes. In common usage, the sign appears to the left of the amount specified, e.g. “$1”, read as “one dollar”.

What currency is ac with two lines?

the EuroThe two parallel lines represent the stability of the Euro.

How do you proofread?

Tips For Effective ProofreadingProofread backwards. … Place a ruler under each line as you read it. … Know your own typical mistakes. … Proofread for one type of error at a time. … Try to make a break between writing and proofreading. … Proofread at the time of day when you are most alert to spotting errors.Proofread once aloud.More items…

Why is it called proofreading?

The word proofreading has taken on a definition separate from the role it plays in the publication of manuscripts. What most people are referring to when they use the word proofreading is the process of checking a document for any kind of grammatical, typographical, or formatting errors.

Why are proofreading marks important?

There are proofreading marks you can learn to make your work easier. … In most cases, the marks and symbols that are used in proofreading and copyediting are similar. Using the correct marks offers consistency and it will make communication between you and the author very easy.

What is the C Money symbol?

$C$CADCan$Canadian dollar/Symbol

What are some proofreading marks?

AbbreviationsAbbreviationMeaningUsespSpell outUsed to indicate that an abbreviation should be spelled out, such as in its first usestetLet it standIndicates that proofreading marks should be ignored and the copy unchangedflFlush leftAlign text flush with left marginfrFlush rightAlign text flush with right margin12 more rows

What are some proofreading techniques?

Below you will find 8 tips and techniques to make your proofreading sessions more effective.Concentration is Key. … Put It On Paper. … Watch Out for Homonyms. … Watch Out for Contractions and Apostrophes. … Check the Punctuation. … Read it Backwards. … Check the Numbers. … Get Someone Else to Proofread It.

What’s another word for proofreading?

Proofread Synonyms – WordHippo Thesaurus….What is another word for proofread?analyseUKanalyzeUScopyeditcorrectcutdeleteeditrearrangerefinerephrase168 more rows