Question: What Does An Upside Down V Mean?

What does the upside down V mean on military vehicles?

The upside down V is called a Chevron.

In the military, it usually used as a symbol to denote the rank of a particular person within the military.

With respect to tanks however, it seems it was in the Gulf war used to prevent friendly fire, as per my search on the internet..

Are ellipses rude?

Abusing ellipses. Not that ellipses are rude, but they do distort the meaning. For example: … Some have said that we use ellipses as a way to try to capture the way we speak, with the pauses, lingering and start-and-stop quality of verbal exchanges.

Why are Russian letters so weird?

Try listening to Polish or Czech, they may appear to be “weird” to you as well. As for the Russian alphabet, it was developed on the basis of the Cyrillic alphabet which was introduced by Christian Orthodox monks / priests on the basis of the Greek alphabet which looks quite different from the Latin one.

What does GB mean on Snapchat?

Gigabyte”Gigabyte” is the most common definition for GB on Snapchat, WhatsApp, Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram.

What kind of car has an upside down V?

CitroenIn the case of Citroen, the 2 upside down “V” symbols are meant to represent the teeth of tractor wheels which are what they made before joining the auto club.

What does upside down V mean in texting?

The upside down V (∧) means AND. The circle with the plus inside (⊕) means XOR or eXclusive OR. The bent line or garden hoe as I call it (¬) is the negation or a NOT. … XOR is a bit tricky.

What does XD mean?

1. an expression used in text messages or e-mails signaling happiness or laughter. XD is an emoticon. X represents closed eyes while D stands for an open mouth.

What is a woman’s DM?

A person, say, might text a friend they are going to slide into her DMs to try to get her phone number. DMs are an initialism for “direct messages,” the private messaging feature on Twitter.

What does V mean in algebra?

velocityEx: the value of 3y +8 = 11 is 1. value of a variable A number that is substituted for a variable. variable A symbol that can stand for any one of a set of numbers or other objects. vector A quantity that has both magnitude and direction. velocity the rate of change of distance with respect to time.

What is the symbol that looks like an upside down Y?

lambdaThe upside down y is lambda, which stands for wavelength. P is period, f is frequency, and s is the speed of sound. That is the notation which is called ‘lambda’.

What language uses an upside down V?

French languageThe upside down v over a letter is an accent called a circumflex. It is used primarily in the French language over any of the five vowels: â ê î ô û.

What does the upside down V mean in Greek?

That inverted “V” symbol is the Greek letter “L” [Lambda (uppercase Λ, lowercase. λ; Greek: Λάμβδα or Λάμδα, Lamtha)]. The Spartans used the red Greek capital. letter lambda (Λ) displayed on their shields as an identification as the people.

What does DM’s mean sexually?

A DM may also be called a “private message” or simply “message.” People often use the DM feature to communicate with others about a sensitive matter with information such as contact info or sexually suggestive messages. However, you should be careful what you DM since recipients could use it to blackmail you someday.

How do I type an upside down V?

Probably you’re referring to the caret symbol (^), which you can insert easily by pressing shift and 6 at the same time. if you want an actual upside down V, then follow the instructions from Craig Prall. You can also go to Flip Text, Type Upside Down, or Backwards Text and flip any text, including V (Λ), upside down.

What is a backwards N in Russian?

Answered January 14, 2020. The backwards N, И, has two variations so to speak. The И is called “ee” like the ee in see. It is most often pronounced like the ee in see as well. The Й is called “ee kratkoiya” (please pardon my non-standard transliterations).

What does :)) mean in texting?

It’s a smiley face. 🙂 is used in texting, and it is usually changed to something like: There are many different emojis used, in their letter format. 😛 is a tongue sticking out, 😀 is a huge grin, and 😐 is a sort of neutral face.

What does AFK mean?

away from keysFrequently found in chat rooms of massively multiplayer online games (MMOG), AFK is short for away from keys for when you aren’t actively on a computer.

Why is it called a Chevron?

Borrowed from French chevron (“rafter, chevron”), the mark so called because it looks like rafters of a shallow roof, from Vulgar Latin *capriō, from Latin caper (“goat”), the likely connection between goats and rafters being the animal’s angular hind legs.

Where is the upside down V symbol on a keyboard?

The ^ character (which looks like an inverted V) is known as caret. It’s also known as a hat, control or uparrow.

Why is the Russian R backwards?

“R”, in turn, stemmed from the Greek letter Rho (Ρ) and “acquired” the downward stroke (missing in the Russian and other Cyrillic alphabets) through Rho’s Western Greek variant[5] .