Question: Is The Inmate A Good Show?

How many seasons of the inmate are there?

1The Inmate/Number of seasons.

Is the inmate on Netflix good?

Overall, ‘The Inmate’ is an exciting watch and brings something new to the genre of prison dramas, which needed a story like this to bring something new on the table. There are things that could be improved; for example, the episode count.

Will there be a season 2 of the inmate?

Here’s Everything We Know About ‘The Inmate’ Season 2 So Far. As Netflix revealed earlier this year, The Inmate Season 2 will premiere in September 2020. … Commissioned by leading Mexican channel, Telemundo, The Inmate captures raw violence, brutality, and savagery.

Is the inmate on Netflix in English?

The series tells the story of an ex-marine who enters a maximum security prison on the border between Mexico and the United States to investigate the kidnapping of the daughter of a prominent US judge….The InmateOriginal language(s)SpanishNo. of seasons1No. of episodes13 (list of episodes)Production23 more rows