Question: How Do I Check My Data Usage On My Jio App?

What is the Jio data balance check number?

1299Using your Jio number, make a missed call to 1299 to know the data balance, calling benefits, and validity active on your number via SMS.

You can also dial *333# to know the same data and calling information as USSD response..

How can I check my data?

View a tutorial on how to view your account’s data usage on your Android or iPhone….Check your current data usageOpen the Google Fi website or app .Go to the Account tab.At the top of the screen, you’ll see your current data usage. To see your daily breakdown, select View details or View details .

How can I check my Jio balance without OTP?

With Two possible ways the Jio Balance can be checked.One is just dialling *333# on your keypad displays the balance on the screen.The other one is sending the text message as MBAL to 55333 – The balance amount details will be sent through the SMS to the same number.

How can I recharge my bill of Jio?

Using in to through OTP.Click on ‘My Statement’Specify the start and end dates, with the date range within 30 days.Click ‘View’ to generate the statement. You can also download the same in PDF format.

Can I use my Jio balance to recharge?

Yes. rogerthat wrote: you missed recharging jio by main balance. you do top up recharge of 100 or more in multiple of 100s you get full face value of it as main balance.

How do I check my data usage on Jio?

On the Jio number you want to check the data balance, call 1299. You will get the data balance, the calling benefits and the validity on your number via SMS. For knowing the same information with the help of USSD code, you can call *333#.

How do I check Jio data usage without app?

Check your main balance One way is to dial *333# that will display the main balance on your Reliance Jio number on the screen. Alternatively, you can send a text message as MBAL to 55333 for free of charge and get the balance details via SMS.

How do I check my transaction history on my Jio app?

Those using MyJio apSign in to MyJio app.Select ‘Manage your jio account’Select ‘Recharge History’ from menu.You can see your last five recharge transactions details for your Jio number. It will have the transaction number, date, time of recharge, recharge value, plan name and mode of payment.

How can I get 10 GB data in Jio?

Dial 1299 Toll-Free Number from your Jio number. After the call gets connected, just listen to all the instructions, if you get any choice to claim the data, tap that. Now, You’ll get 10 GB of add-on pack after the call is disconnected and to claim that use MyJio app.

How I check my data balance in idea?

To check Idea Net data Balance on Mobile phones, simply dial *125# OR *131*3# on your phones. A pop up will flash on your screen with information about the remain Data balance.

How can I check my mobile number?

You can also use your phone’s settings to find out your phone number. However, the most popular and the easiest method to find out the mobile number from SIM is the dial the USSD code given by the respective network provider for this purpose. Here are the USSD codes of different networks to find out the mobile number.

Why my Jio app is not showing data usage?

Go to your mobile data options and find the data usage tab. There you will see a list of apps, which you can select and then turn off data consumption for them. Open Settings, after which you will need to go to the Mobile Data tab.

How do I take Call History on Jio?

How to check Jio call history onlineFirst of all Login to MyJio App with your Jio number.Now from the dashboard select Statement.Now click on View Now Button.Now click on Usage Charges.After clicking on Usage Charges, you will see that there is three option of Data, Voice, and SMS.You can click on any of the tabs to know the usage.More items…•