Question: Can You Cancel Virgin Media At Any Time?

What happens if I cancel my Virgin Media contract?

You’ll lose access to your Virgin Media Mail service.

If you cancel your services we’ll give you access to your Virgin Media Mail account for 90 days before we close it.

This should provide enough time for you to save any contacts, emails and files you wish to keep..

How long do you have to leave Virgin Media to be a new customer?

12 monthsVirgin Media told us a new customer is somebody who has not subscribed to their services for at least 12 months. After that period they’re fully eligible for new customer deals. Sky also say that to count as new, customers must not have been in receipt of any services for at least 12 months.

Can I freeze my Virgin Media account?

You can’t freeze your account, you either keep paying our pay the early exit fees as per the T&C’s of the contract you agreed to. Cancelling your direct debit will just result in a debt building up and damage to your credit file.

How do I change my Virgin Media package?

One of the simplest and quickest ways to make changes to your broadband, TV and phone services is through your My Virgin Media account. From here you upgrade parts of your package and see some of the top offers we have for you.

How do I cancel my 30 day contract with Virgin Media?

If you’ve been with us for over 14 days and you want to end your mobile plan, you will need to contact our cancellation department on freephone 1908 (select the Cancel option), or let us know on Chat. Please note: You will need to give us 30 days notice to cancel your plan.

How long is Virgin Media contract?

Our standard offers are available with a fixed term contract of 9, 12, 18 or 24 months, depending on the bundle or offer you’ve chosen. If you’re settled where you are and you don’t plan to move home, this type of contract may work best for you.

How do I cancel my Virgin plan?

Call Virgin Mobile customer services at 1-888-322-1122. You can talk to an employed advisor on the phone, and discuss different possibilities regarding your number.

How do I downgrade my Virgin Media package?

To downgrade, ring 150 from your Virgin Media phone or mobile, Alternatively, you can call 0345 454 1111 from any other phone. Or you could use the online chat feature found under the ‘Contact Us’ tab at the bottom of Virgin Media’s homepage.

Does requesting a PAC code cancel contract?

Ending your contract If you want to end your contract but keep your number, we’ll give you a PAC code to give to your new network. … If you use it to switch to a new network, your contract with us will be cancelled once the switching process has completed. You’ll get your final bill 14 days after you’re disconnected.

Can I cancel my contract with Virgin Mobile?

If you’re on a Pay Monthly plan and want to cancel your contract with us, you can do this: By requesting your PAC or STAC and providing this to your new provider.

Can you cancel Virgin Media early?

If you decide to end part or all of your services with Virgin Media during a minimum period, we may charge you an Early Disconnection Fee. … If you move to a property outside our network area during your minimum period, you may have to pay an Early Disconnection Fee for ending your contract early.

How much does it cost to cancel Virgin Media?

Cancelling Virgin Media broadband and TV at the same time If you have both Virgin Media broadband and TV in a bundle, it’s double trouble. Cancelling your services means paying a ‘disconnection’ fee of 80-100% of what remains on your contract including both services.

What happens if I don’t pay my Virgin Media bill?

We always ask that you pay your bill on or before the payment due date, which you can find at the top right corner of your bill. If you don’t pay your bill by the payment due date, we may charge a late payment fee of £7.50 to your account, and you could find that we’ve restricted your services, too.

When can I cancel phone contract?

If you entered into your mobile phone contract over the phone or online you have 14 days from entering into the contract to cancel, under the Consumer Contracts Regulations. You don’t have to give a reason for cancelling the phone service and should be refunded.

How do I cancel my Virgin Mobile account online?

How can I cancel my account with Virgin Mobile?Go to your profile screen. … Here you will see your name and email address, tap on this.You have arrived at the ‘My Profile’ screen.Hit ‘Delete’ or tap on the 3 button icon in the top right corner.Follow the instructions to terminate your account.